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(Eggman fixs Mecha Amy)

Eggman:Curse Sonic! Maybe Sonic is too powerful for Amy*

Editor:*Sonic's Comic issue 8

Amy:No way!

Eggman:Then kill him! With he's friends!

Amy:I kinda like Sally....

Eggman:Just go!

(Mecha Amy walks away)

Amy:I'll teach him!

Editor:Later in Mobius

Sally:Our babies have arrived

Sonic:And thats Manic and Sonia!


Tails:Sonic! Sally! Mecha Amy is BACK!


Sally:We can't do this on our own! Sonic lets call our freinds!

Sally:Guys, get here now!

Rose,Spalsh and Anna: Got it!

Editor:2 mins later

Splash:We are here!


Splash to Rose: You know I like your sister



Anna:Both you shush! Sally told me whats going on!

Splash:What is?

Anna:Mecha Amy is back!

Rose:Mecha?!That means she is ....


Sonic:Yur right there!

Sally:Lets go!

Editor:At the Death Egg

Anna:This sure smells!

Splash:Same to me!


Sally:Splash! You try to find the robotaziser and try to unrobotazise Amy or turn her good!

Splash:On it!

Sally:Sonic,Rose and Tails fight Amy and lead her too the robotaziser!

Tails:Ok Sal!

Sally:Anna your comming to the computers with me!


(Sally takes gun out of her pockets)

Sonic:You have a gun!?

Sally:Shadow let me borrow it!

Sonic:Ok guys lets go!

(Everyone runs away)

Editor:In the robotaziser room

Splash:Hmm..... Aha!There is the robotaziser!

Eggman:There you are!


(Splash jumps back)

Eggman:Look what your in!

(Splash looks and sees he is in the robotaziser)


(Eggman turns on the robotaziser)


Editor:10 seconds later

Eggman:HO HO HO Splash! You look very handsome for a hedgehog!

Splash:Must.... obey...... orders!

Editor:Sonic,Tails and Rose are in trouble

Sonic:Guys stop blowing off!

Rose:It is not me!


Sonic:And it is not me!

Rose:No one is blowing off Sonic i think it is the creek of the floor-boards!

(All 3 of them look behind) Tails:The robots!

Rose:And thats Amy!

Sonic:Alright Amy time to end this!

(Rose goes up to Amy and attacks her)

Rose:You pretty tough!

Amy:Kill........ Freedom ..........fighters!

(Metal Sonic knocks out Rose)


Sonic:I can't fight! Even with my speed!

Editor:Sally and Anna have to fight their best friend

Sally:Bad news Rose,Sonic and Tails are in trouble!

Anna:What about Splash?

Splash:Kill....Sally.... and......Anna!

Anna and Sally :No!

Editor:Back with Sonic and Tails

Will:Get out of here!


Will:Will Rose! Now get out!


(Anna knocks out Splash)

Sally:Splash.You are my best friend.The unrobotaziser is broken the only way to undo this is a kiss.

(Sally looks at Splash)

Sally:Remember,this means nothing!

(Sally kisses Splash)


(Anna points at Sonic and Tails carrying Rose)


Sally:Lets go!

(They Run after Sonic)

Editor:At the Freedom Fighter workshop

Rose:We did not unrobotazise Amy

Sonic:Yeah it was kinda a waste of time!

Sally:At least we have a new memeber of the Freedom Fighters!

Will:Thats me!

Editor:Next time:Face the Future!

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