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Story one:

Sally: It is good in Mobious again

Sonic: Since you were Roboticized* I was worried you would be a robot forver.

Editor: * See the archie sonic issue% 230 to see how it happend and see the Sonic's comic issue%1 to see how it ended.

Sally: If Amy spots us we are in trouble!

Sonic: Why

Sally: You know why

Sonic: Oh yeah!

Amy: So.. Sonic has chose a chipmunck over me!

Sally: We better go to the dance.

Sonic: Yeah we should!

(Sonic and Sally kiss)

Amy: hmph. Even though Sally is my friend I got get Sonic to brake up with her.

Editor: That is a bit mean Amy

Amy: Shut it you!

Editor: I think I'll gt out of this issue

Amy: Thank you!

(At the dance)

Sonic: Sally, this is the best thing that happend to me do you think that to?

Sally: Yes Sonic I love...

(Amy trips over Sally)

Sally: Hey!

Sonic: Sal!

Amy: Hello Sonic!

Sonic: AMY!

(Amy hits Sally with her hammer)

Amy: That is my boy Sal!

Sally: AMY! I thought we were friends!

Amy: We are!

Sally: Then why are you doing this?

Amy: Because I want Sonic to myself

Sally: I knew you didn't care about me!

(Sally smakes Amy)

(Amy and Sally fight and fight)

Sonic: STOP!

(Sally and Amy cry)

Amy: One day Sonic will love me!

(Amy runs off )

Sonic: You are still friends, right?

Sally: I don't think so Sonic.

Story Two:

Tails: Knuckles I have seen you with Sonic!

Knuckles: Yes, No reason to be angry though!

Tails: He is my best friend!

Knuckles: No he is my best friend!

Tails: I have been with him longer though*!

Editor: Have you played Sonic 2?

Knuckles: But Sonic is 21 you are 12 and I am 22!

Tails: SO?!?!?!

Knuckles: Sonic is a grown hedgehog!

Tails: But I am he's brother*!

Editor: Do you know Sonic has a fake brother? You do now!

(Tails and Knuckle kick,punch, hit, bite, poke and jump on eachother

Sonic: Hey guys Long time no see!

Tails and Kuckles: Who is your best friend?!

Sonic: Shadow is!

(Sonic and Shadow walk off)

Knuckles: Did he say I was he's best friend?

Tails: You are so dumb!

Knuckles: No you are!

Tails: No you are!

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