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Story 1 Script:

Tails: It is the end Anti Tails*

Editor: Tails Anti self

Anti Tails: I'll beat you anyway!

Tails: Oh yeah!? Remember when me and the Freedom fighters won that fight*?

Editor: See the Archie Sonic comic issue %24 to see the battle

Anti Tails: Whatever! We almost won anyway!

Tails: Sonic said we he met your leader Evil Sonic he won*!

Editor: See the Archie Sonic comic issue %11 to see how Sonic won!

Anti Tails: Evil Sonic? He is called Scrooge Now!

Tails: Are you ready?

Anti Tails: Always!

(Anti Tails punchs Tails)

Anti Tails: Too easy!

(Tails Kicks Anti Tails)

Tails: Like always good wins and evil lose!

(Anti Tails takes gun out of pocket)

Anti Tails: I don't think so!

Anti Tails: Keep still pest!

Tails: In your dreams!

(Tails runs into Sonic) Tails: Hi Sonic!

Sonic: Tails!

(Anti Tails shoots)

Sonic: Tails look out!

Tails: Uh oh!

(Tails gets shot)

Sonic: TAILS NO!

Anti Tails: Your Next Hedgehog

(Sally hits Anti Tails)

Sally: You should think before you kill Sonic!

Sonic: Sal

(Sonic runs to Sally and kisses her)

Amy: Don't worry Sonic!

(Amy hits Anti Tails with her Hammer)

Sonic: So you two are friends now?

(Amy and Sally look at eachother)

Sally and Amy: No!

Sally: Amy, you know what to do!

Amy: Oh yeah!

(Amy picks Sally up and gives her Hammer to Sally)

Sally: Ready

Amy: Yes.

(Amy throws Sally)

Sally: Take that Anti Tails!

(Hits Anti Tails with Hammer)

Amy: Here I go!

(Amy makes a tornado and it hits Anti Tails)

Amy and Sally: Thats girl power for ya!

Sonic: What about Tails?

Sally: Sonic, this might be the end of Tails.


Sally: He might come back!

Sonic: I hope so Sally!

Amy: Tails won anyway! Sally: You know, He will always remeber you

Sonic: Come on lets tell the Freedom fighters about our story!

Tails (As a ghost): Sonic wait! Wait a min I can't see my self! Mabey I have turned into a GHOST!

Ghost Tails: I think that was the last time I'll see Sonic again

Editor: What do you think will happen next? Keep reading and find out!

Story 2 Script:

Amy: Hi Sally

Sally: Hi Amy

Amy: I am sorry about the dance room calamity*

Editor: See last issue

Sally: I am sorry for slapping you on the face

Amy: So are we freinds again

Sally: I think so.

(Amy and Sally shake hands) Sally: Come on lets get a hotdog!

Amy: Ok!

(While the girls are walking they see the Tails Doll!)

Tails Doll: Play with me!

Amy: No way!

Sally: Shhh! He will kil you if you don't!

Amy: Oh ok! Little Doll Freak!

Sally: We are so dead!

Tails Doll: Attack!

Sally: Uh oh!

Amy: Remember what we did to save Sonic?

Sally: Oh yeah!


(Amy hits Tails Doll with her Hammer and Sally kicks it)

Amy and Sally: Amy and Sally tornado!

(Both Girls turn into a tornado and hit the Tails Doll)

(Tails Doll explodes)

Sally: Well done Amy!

Amy: Anyway, I can do powers like Sonic because he loves me

Sally: Amy he loves me

Amy: No Me!

Sally: No me!

Amy: Me!

Sally: Me!

Amy: I'm off!

Sally: Me too!

(Fiona's Diary Script coming soon)S

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