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Story 1 scriptEdit

Sonic: Remeber when you found out I was going out with Blaze

Sally: Yeah

Sonic: You were way past jealous then

(Sonic and Sally laugh)

Sally: So you love Blaze

Sonic: I love you and Blaze!

Sally: Yeah, I love you and Knuckles

(Sonic smiles at Sally)

Sonic: Remember when I went out with Mina*

Editor: See Archie Sonic the Hedgehog issue 90

Sally: Remember when I nearly married with Antione?

Editor: See Archie Sonic the Hedgehog issue 155

Sonic: Me and Bunnie where so upset

Sonic: I feel sorry for my Tails

Sally: Why?

Sonic: Fiona loves Scrooge and he thinks I am he's brother

Sally: Tails will find out that you are not he's brother

Sonic: Thats what I worried about

Sally: Whats that?!

(Sonic and Sally get sucked into a rainbow)

Sonic: What happend!

Scrooge: I know!

Sonic and Sally: Scrooge?!

Sally: What are you doing here?

Scrooge: I got sucked in a rainbow. Then I Found YOU!

Sonic: You are on Eggmans Side

Scrooge: Not any more I want to be a Freedom Fighter like you!

Sally: Sorry enough people are in the Freedom Fighters

(Sally wallks of and Sonic grabs her hand)

Sally: Sonic!

Sonic: I think he is telling the truth

Scrooge: And I know who to get out.

Sonic: Cool! Come on Sal!

Sally: Ok! Help me look for clues first!

Sonic: You have not been listining have you?

Sally: Wait a Chaos Emraleds! This will get us back to home!

Sonic: That is what we have been looking for the whole time!

(Scrooge snatchs the Chaos Emraleds)

Scrooge: Mine I think!

(Scrooge turns super)

Scrooge: Now I can get out of this rainbow!

Sonic: I thought you were going to help us!

(The boys fight)

Sonic: Sally help!

(Sonic gets beaten)

Scrooge: Now the girl is the only one left, this will be easy!

Sally: I not just a girl...

(Sally jumps on Scrooge)

Sally: I'm a Princess!

(Scrooge tries to throw her off)

Scrooge: Well I hate Princesses like YOU!

(Scrooge stamps on Sally foot)

Sally: Ow! Stop it!

(Scrooge punches Sally on her nose and Sally falls on her fee)

Sonic: Sal? Sal!


(Sonic kicks Scrooge)

Sonic: The chaos emeraleds

(Sonic picks up Sally)

Sonic: The end on the rainbow!

Scrooge: No! Don't leave me! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sonic: Come on Sal!

(Sally wakes up)

Sally: Sonic? Where is Scrooge?

Sonic: Stuck in the Rainbow!

(Sally kisses Sonic)

Sonic: Come on Sal lets juice!

(Sonic runs with Sally in his hands smileing)

Scrooge: I'll be back!

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