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Story 1 scriptEdit

Tails: Finally. I found somone that loves me! Fiona went back with Scrouge so now I have Cream*!

Editor: *From Issue 1

Cream: This time this day is all about love!

Editor: Most of the issues are

Tails: Now I have to wait for Cre...!

Rose Wolf: Oh Hi!

Tails: Hello!

Cream: Who the heck is her!

Tails: So whats you name?

Rose Wolf: Rose,Rose Wolf! And you are?

Tails: Tails,Miles Tails Prower!

Rose Wolf: Your funny!

(Tails follows Rose Wolf)

Rose Wolf: You are cool!

Tails: You are way past cool!

Rose Wolf: Sonic says that. Doesent he?

Tails: Yep! All the time

(Tails kisses Rose Wolf)

Cream: No!

(Cream starts crying)

Tails: So do you want to go out?

Cream: What?!

Rose Wolf: Ok!

Cream: Tails....

(Cream runs into Blaze)

Blaze: Whats up Cream?

Cream:Boyfriend Stealer

(Blaze and Cream go up to Sonic and Sally)

Blaze: Do you know anything about Rose Wolf?

Sally: Rose Wolf?

(Sonic tries to sneak out)

Sally: Sonic!

Sonic: Alright, I'll stay!

Cream: (Whispers) Whats up with Sonic?

Blaze: (Whispers) I don't know

Sonic: I don't know anything and Sally does not too! Bye!

(Sally looks at Sonic)

Sally: Wait up Sonic!

(Sally runs after Sonic)

Rose: Did I just see my sister?

Cream: Sally's your sister?

Rose: Yep

(Rose runs into the house)

Sally: Sonic you acting very strange.Why?

(Sally see's Rose)

Sally: And who are you?

Rose: Rose Wolf

Sonic: She looks a bit like you Sal.

Rose: You forgotten about me

Sally: Rose Wolf, Do I know you? I know Rose Acorn but she got bitten by a werewolf and she...

Rose: I got bitten by a werewolf

Sally: Wait it is you

(Sally hugs Rose then lets go of her)

Sally: Meet our chilldren

(Sonia Acorn and ManiK Acorn come)

Sally: Sonia,Manik meet Rose

Sonia: Rose?

Manik: It's Sally sister!

Soina: Oh, hi!

Manik: Hello!

(Sonic goes up to his bedroom)

Sonic: Should I tell Sally it was me who bit her sister

Sonic: Mabey not.

Sonic: I should!

Sonic: I should not!

Sonic: What shoud I do?!

Sonic: I'll tell her tommorow

(Rose walks out)

Rose: Bye Sis!

Cream: Hi Rose!

Rose: I'm sorry I stole Tails from you

Cream: How did you kn...

Rose: I heard you!

Cream: So do you want to be friends?

Rose: Ok!

Tails: I am sorry Cream

Cream: who you love?

Tails: Both of you!

Cream: Lets get on with the date

Tails: Can Rose come too

Cream: Ok!

Tails: This is going to be great!

Editor: Will Sally find out Sonic's Secret will Rose and Cream get on? Find out in the next issue

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