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Amy: Ok Sally we have made up

Sally: Ok see you later!

Sonic: So your friends now!

Sally: Yep

Tails: Eggman is not doing anything today!

Sonic: That means we can be as lazy as we like!

Rose: Hey Tails!

Tails:Hey Rose!

Rose: You don't mind, but, I'm coming round my friends party. And I might be late for our date!

Tails: Ok! When does it end?

Rose: 6.45pm


(Rose runs away)

Tails:Sorry I can't stay guys! But I'm on a date!

(Eggman see's Amy)

Amy: Eggman!

(Eggman grabs her)

Amy: AHH!

Amy:Let go of me you freak!

Editor:Eggmans place

Eggman: Tell me all you know about the Freedom Fighters

Amy: Never!

Eggman: Take her to the robotaziser!


(Robot grabs Amy and throws her in the robotaziser)

Amy: The monster!

Eggman: HA HA! Well be wise and tell me everything next time!

(Amy gets robotazised)

Mecha Amy: beep.

Editor: Back at Sonic's place


Sonic:I knew it!

Sally:Let me come with you!

Tails: Me too!

Sonic: No, this is too dangerous! And I don't want you to die!

Sally:I'm older then you!

Sonic: But I love you!

Tails:Sally,He is a better and faster then you

Sally:Ok. Good luck Sonic!

Sonic:Ok Sal!

(Sonic runs off)

Eggman:It's Sonic!

Sonic:Hey Eggman

Eggman:How did you get here so Fast!

Sonic:Sonic's my name speeds my game!

(Sonic attacks Eggman and robots)

Sonic:What do you know? I won again!

Mecha Amy:Attack hedgehog!

Sonic:More fun for me!

(Sonic chops off Amys head)

Sonic:I won,I won,I.... Wait that is the real Amy!

Eggman:You've killed her!

Soni:c Oops!

Sonic:I'm outta here!

(Sonic runs back to Sally)

Sally:You won!

Sonic:Yeah kinda!

Sallly:What do you mean "kinda" what happend?

Sonic:Well Amy's robotazised then I killed her

Sally:You killed her?

Sonic:I did not mean it

(Sally starts crying)

Sally:She was my best friend


Sally:Well I hope she will rest in peace

Sonic:I don't love her but... me too.... me too.

Editor:Amy's gone! And yes she is resting in peace

Sally:I'll never forget you Amy.

(Sally starts crying again)

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