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Sally: We have been together for a long time*

Editor: Their love started in Archie Sonic Comic issue 1!

Sonic: Yeah!

Sally: Have you heard that Knuckles married Sonia and had a baby

Sonic: Yeah, my sister has got married! I am so happy!

Sally: You know I was wondering who you love the most.

Sonic: What?

Sally: Me and Blaze.Who do you love the most?

(Blaze sees them)

Sonic: You Sal,You!

Blaze: What?!

Sally: Really!?

Sally:Yep, even though I attacked the city as a robot?

Sonic:You got unroboticized*

Editor: From Sonic's Comic issue 1

Sonic: In fact, I even loved you then!

(Sally hugs Sonic)

Blaze: There she is stealing my boyfriend again*

Editor: From SonSalAze comics by User:Sly the Fox

Sonic: Follow Me!

Sally: Why?

Sonic: Just Follow me!

(Sonic picks up Sally)

Sonic: Or should I take you?

(Sonic runs off with Saly)

Blaze: Hmmmm....... I better follow him!

(Blaze runs after Sonic)

Blaze: There they are!

(Blaze goes up to the window and sees them)

Blaze: What?!

Sonic: Sally, please marry me

Blaze: No!

Saly: Yes!

(Blaze starts crying)

Blaze: SONIC! SONIC! Sonic. Sonic...

Sally: Let's go on a date!

Sonic: Yeah!

(Sonic runs off with Sally)

Blaze: He loves her more then me and he is going to marry her!

Silver: Blaze?

Blaze: Leave me alone!

Silver: Are you okey?

Blaze: Sonic.....

Silver: Sonic?

Blaze: He loves Sally!

Silver: So he loves you too!

Blaze:He loves her more he's going to marry her!

Silver: Yeah you can't marry 2 people

Blaze: Nobody loves me.

Silver: Blaze... I do.

Blaze: Really?

Silver:Really, Really!

Blaze: So want go out?

Silver: Okay!

(Silver hugs Blaze them runs with her)

Editor: So, has Blaze broken up with Sonic and loved Silver? Find out in the next issue!

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