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Sonic and  Sally  find out about the chaos emeralds being lost. Sonic teams up with Sally, Tails, Shadow, Rouge and Knuckles. Sonic finds out Eggman is useing the power of the emeralds to turn super! Eggman tells Fiona fox and Metal sonic to look out for the good! Sonic and the the gang meet Bantly raccoon, Bert raccoon,Lisa raccoon and Rainbow dash have also found out about it! Sally goes with Sonic  and Tails while the others fight the bad guys! Rather then helping his friends Shadow goes on his own to find out his past. Rouge on the other hand tries to find Shadow but gets caught by the robots Eggman nearly kills her but Knuckles brakes in and saves her! Sally  and Sonic  loose Tails and try to find him. Tails is about to get attaked by a robot while Sally  shoots the robot down. Sonic runs to the Death Egg with Eggman! He sees the chaos emeralds and snatchs them! Eggman tries to catch Sonic but he is too fast and Eggman can't. Sonic turns into Super sonic and then blows up the Death Egg! Eggman with his Death Egg explodes Sonic soon falls when Tails flies his plain to catch him.

The CharactersEdit



Sonic QuotesEdit

  1. Way Past Cool!
  2. I'm the fastest thing alive, baby!
  3. I am the blue dude with a attitude alright!
  4. Once again I win!

Sally QuotesEdit

  1. I'm a tomboy princess deal with it!
  2. Sonic once again is attaking Eggman!
  3. I like it!
  4. I'm Ready!

Tails QuotesEdit

  1. I'm cute but deadly!
  2. I'm going to scramble that Eggman!